Abigaile Johnson Interracial Porn Star

Interracial Pornstar Abigaile Johnson taking a Huge Black Cock.

User Comments: gabo: With a babe soo hot i can't believe DF has not brought her back. This is a goddess. Bring her back!!!
blac: Beautiful girl, and some isolated parts of this are hot like the cream pie from Jason, but Shane is one of those guys who totally ruins a scene for me. He's not black enough and looks like a retard. To me, any Shane and Sledgehammer scenes are basically unwatchable (even if the girl is hot like Abigaile Johnson).
qzre: shes so fcking cute i love her
bwch: please breed these pretty milky white sluts on a special site.
mann: shane ruins every scene he is ever in he wont shutup
fran: bring her back
begg: Watching a tiny innocent teen like Abigale get impaled on these huge cocks is why I joined.
Ch3f: ^Umm...There was no anal in this scene. But I must concur I'm not a fan of anal either.
robn: No anal please!
jerb: Does she have an official fan club. I will join.

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